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Two years ago when we decided to recreate what we could of  Lex’s website, one of my goals was to make “The Best” of his posts far more accessible than simply finding them via search engine (if one could remember search parameters!) or reading through 100s – or 1000s – of posts sequentially.  I am pleased to see this “Best of” index being used on a regular basis by readers all over the world.

The main index was getting so large I felt it was almost unmanageable. So here are some more “Best of”! And, there are over 1,700 3,500 posts not indexed in either Best of or Rest of….


01-14-2003         On Maths                        Calculus and 13 year old sons

01-14-2004          Navy Training, Sir!       Military vs Civilian Training

01-20-2004           Equestrian Sports         The Kat and her passion

03-23-2004           Monsters

05-18-2004           Long Day                        Lex explaining how to land on a carrier among other things

05-24-2004           Fair Winds & Following Seas   A Navy Ship Departs – the families involved

05-31-2004            Memorial Day

06-03-2004            The 6th of June in History    Besides D-Day

06-27-2004            Horse Camp         The Kat at summer camp

07-25-2004            Ejection Seats I Have Known

08-16-2004           Ben Stein’s Last Essay Who are the real heroes?

08-19-2004           Foot In Mouth Disease

08-30-2004           In Flight Cookie Exchange

09-01-2004           Procedures

09-05-2004            From Out of Darkness – Hope  Lex on Islamic terrorists

09-07-2004            Holding my breath  

09-07-2004           Landing Grades            Carrier landing Grades Explained

09-12-2004            OK, I Lied                        Lex on the joys of fly fishing

01-05-2005           The Gentleman’s Club   Lex & family in San Francisco

01-09-2005           Crossroads                      Lex pondering his future

01-11-2005           Motion Sickness             Lex talks about calling Ralph

01-12-2005           Another Day in the Life

02-15-2005          Night Flying                      Learning to fly with Night Vision Goggles

02-21-2005           Lost At Sea 

02-21-2005           Fighters In Finland      Lex at a Finnish symposium

03-25-2005            Guest Blogging – Thunder Tanking  A Tale involving an A7 from Jonboy

03-27-2005          Bob Norris on Navy vs USAF  Which to join as an aviator? An unbiasted view 😉

04-02-2005          Wasn’t Going To Post Today   Lex showing the quality of discourse he had w/ his readers

04-14-2005          The Morning Commute           Random observations on the way to work

04-30-2005         First Ship, First Cruise               Lessons in leadership

05-05-2005          The Sailor’s Creed – A Controversy

06-18-2005          I Fixed the Internet        Lex musing on the last few days

06-21-2005         The Ritz,San Francisco  The LeFons go to the Ritz

07-04-2005           Domestic Irony              Lex w/2 teenage daughters & 4 surfer dudes

07-14-2005           Stray Thoughts on the War

12-05-2005            The Bridges at Toko-ri

12-26-2005            The kindnesses of strangers Observations at a Virginia Nordstroms

12-28-2005           Home Again                 Back from burying his sister Ann

01-24-2006            Got a comment on the old blog    An update on Terry, profiled in the worst day ever

01-29-2006           What if?                         Lex sees some deep questions at the restaurant

02-26-2006           One of those strange weekends

02-27-2006          The Goodwill Store, Pacific Beach Lex describes what he saw

03-12-2006           T.I.N.S.                              An exchange between an S-3 pilot and the Air Boss

03-15-2006          Aluminum Overcast     Lex on the F-14 Tomcat

03-16-2006           About that Retirement Ceremony  Lex honors a retiring Master Chief

03-17-2006          A Good Start                    Media Coverage during WW2 vs GWOT

04-09-2006          Tagged                              Lex talks of jobs he had and jobs he’d have liked

04-11-2006          Maybe it’s just me          Lex & a bumper sticker

06-16-2006           Flight School Update    The Ensign writes on his progress

06-19-2006           On Patriotism

06-26-2006           Somebody else’s sea story   A story from SNO

07-16-2006            Good Speech                  By Marine MGEN Mike Lehnert

07-24-2006           Over Too Soon               A weekend in San Diego w/the family

07-25-2006         An Apology for Aircraft Carriers

07-24-2006         Comicon                             Lex takes his teenage daughter & friends to Comicon

08-04-2006         Guest Blogger asm286   A Marine Gunnery Sgt’s account of life in the PI

08-19-2006         Letters                              Lex describes the 3 aircraft he flew in his adversary squadron at Key West

08-20-2006         Fight Center                    Training in the Conch Republic

08-30-2006         How Some People Spend Their Days Off   A Day in the life of Hizzoner

08-31-2006         Something In the Air

09-17-2006         On Faith and Reason

10-03-2006         Salty                                  Lex back on a carrier after a long hiatus

10-06-2006         Now is the Autumn of our Discontent  Lex contemplating life beyond Naval Aviation

11-07-2006        A Good Samaritan   Story of a drunken evening in Perth, and a Rescuer

10-11-2006        Random observations from the outer arc      Lex at NSA Bahrain

10-11-2006        Left-handed Compliments             Lex getting a physical at NSA Bahrain

10-26-2006        Boots on the ground       A View of Iraq from a US Army Intel Sgt

12-05-2006        “Thank You for your Son”  A Navy Medic with his Marines in Fallujah and a dying little girl…

12-09-2006        Signing The Logbook     Life at Cubi Point, PI

12-15-2006        It’s Funny Because It’s True. Sorta.  A joke at the expense of A-4 pilots

01-27-2007         Deployment                     On Getting Orders For A Carrier Deployment

02-17-2007         How democracies perish

03-29-2007         The Things You Think About  Lex on his enforcing the No Fly Zone over the years

04-11-2007         On the Wire                     Lex explaining the mechanics of bombing

04-13-2007          Physics lessons from a poly-sci major Lex on curvilinear path dive bombing for those who don’t wear horn-rimmed glasses

04-22-2007           Exceptionalism            American Exceptionalism

05-07-2007            AAR  Lex at the Milblog Conferance in DC

05-28-2007            The Weather? CAG says it’s “workable”  A story with Jim Flatley

06-23-2007        On dictatorship               The effects of any dictatorship on a society

06-25-2007        Whole ‘nother kind of hot     A short post, but shows you conditions for the flight deck crew of the Nimitz

07-13-2007         Sadly, these have a ring of authenticity         Navy humor from Lex

07-19-2007         Donkey Island – a gripping read on keeping al-Queda out of Ramadi

08-25-2007         An Imperfect Comparison – Comparing Iraq to Normandy

08-31-2007         Fighting the last war     A discussion of the F-22 vs current technology

09-13-2007          This is what we have to work with      Working with the Goat Locker

10-31-2007         About last Week              Reflecting on the costs of this blog

09-02-2007         Hoisting The Flag

10-06-2007          No More Heroes?        On sports today…and cheating with steroids

11-04-2007         Take it on faith             Religion and Global Warming

11-11-2007         A two front war            AS clash of civilizations and multicultureism

11-18-2007         Crosswind Landing       Lex explaining Crosswind Landings

01-06-2008         A Day In The Life          Lex musing on a rainy day

03-19-2008          Five Years In                  Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom; what Lex was doing

03-29-2008         Letters on the service Lex giving advice to a young man questioning a career in Naval Aviation

04-04-2008         The Old Navy

04-11-2008         The Appendix of Navy Slang

04-22-2008         Bad Form               Navy Lt refusing orders for IA

04-22-2008        Counterpoint          More discussion from Bad Form

04-28-2008         Worst Date Ever

05-18-2008         On public faith

05-18- 2008        Losing the Scorpion       Did the Soviets sink her?

05- 29- 2008       This could be a problem Credibility gap on Funding Requests

07-30-2008         Such a day

08-01-2008         Falling from the floor      Hornets and Teeny-Weenies

08-04-2008        A Difficult Man

08-14-2008         Super Fox                      Lex on the joy of flying at Fallon

08-16-2008        Nullification                   On Jury Nullification

10-08-2008        Off the Grid                    Lex, the Kat and her friend at Magic Mountain

10-17-2009         Plane Fun                      Lex Renting A Cessna Cardinal told as only he could

10-18-2008         Ups and downs             A day in the life – flying passengers in the Varga and distressing news for The Kat

10-21-2008         Foggy Weather               Lex talks about Instrument Flying

10-23-2008         Shakespeares                 A visit with Lex at ground zero

11-21-2008          Hornets                           What’s happened to Ensign P. Since his initial inquiry?

12-01-2008        North Texas Travelogue  Hizzoner describes a trip though Texas

12-11-2008         SITREP                               F8 pilots in Vietnam

12-18-2008        Balanced Field Length     A Discussion w/ Various Aircraft

01-21-2009        Sounds About Right           The Pope, St Peter, and ….

02-05-2009        The Perils of an  Electric Jet 

02-10-2009         The Chief                         Characteristics of a Navy Chief

02-14-2009       Checked Out!             Lex checked out in a Cessna 177

02-11-2009       Taildragger                Lex getting acquainted with the opposite of an FA-18

03-04-2009         An Avoidable Mishap    Discussion of an FA-18 accident in San Diego

03-23-2009         Hmmm                      Did the British give us the idea for TOPGUN?

04-01-2009        PTO                                     Go or no go on the flight line?

04-06-2009         California Travelogue – Day 1  Lex and the Biscuit go flying looking at schools

04-07-2009          Home Again                                Back from the school expedition

04-25-2009          A Good Day                  Lex’s love of flight, whether a 150 hp Varga or FA-18

05-31-2009           The Ship                                Lex visits the Nimitz as an invited blogger

06-01-2009           The Wing                              Lex continues his visit on the Nimitz as an invited blogger

06-01-2009         The Embark                           Lex continuing (not in chronological sequence) his blogger’s visit on the Nimitz

06-30-2009         Buck Fever, A Microfiction  A TOPGUN cautionary tale

07-10-2009          Stuck in the past           Analysis of political fight over F-22

08-01-2009         Flanker Ops                    Lex analyzes carrier ops on Russian Kuznetsov

08-09-2009         The Gutless Cutlass        On the ill-fated Navy jet

08-29-2009         Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre

09-03-2009         Woefully Ignorant           Which of our wars were “necessary” vs “unnecessary”?

10-03-2009         Missing Man                     Lex’s tribute to an old friend Jim Hogan

10-17-2009          Plane Fun                         FA-18 or 150 mph Cessna – the joy of flight

10-27-2009          The Long Road                Back in Pensacola with his son-some reminiscing

11-08-2009          Flight Log                          A day in the Mighty Varga Kachina – “1200 lbs of steel and sex appeal”

11-09-2009           Happy Feet                      Lex learning to fly a taildragger

12-28-2009         Grad Hop                           Lex is signed off doe tailwheel flight

01-01-2010         Transformational            An observation at Barnstormers – dogfighting male vs female

01-16-2010         You Know You’re in the Af When….

01-17-2010         Aerial Ethics                      A Day with Lex in the mighty Varga

02-06-2010        CCD                                     Bombing Practice at Fallon NAS

02-14-2010         Precautionary Landing  Lex makes one in the mighty Varga and talks about them in general

02-15-2010        The “Possible” Turn       A continued discussion of emergency landings after take off

02-22-2010       C-130 Tanking                   A small talk of his experience and a spectacular video link

04-11-2010        Catching Up                      A short trip with the family top Palm Desert

04-20-2010        IFR                                      Lex discusses a GA IFR flight

05-17-2010        Even When You Know    Lex discussing an FA-18 accident in high density altitute and the Air France Flight 447

07-02-2010        Candor                               You have to define your enemy

07-02-2010         PTO                                     Trouble w/new Regs (2 same title diff subjects)

07-07-2010         Name Tags                         One big family? – A bit of trouble ensued

07-09-2010         Innovation                        Discussion of  ROE in Af

08-05-2010         The Soldier & the State    A soldier’s honor restored

08-13-2010         A Bridge Too Far?             Sec Gates vs Marine Corps Lobby

08-13-2010         False Analogy                     Children at the Playground and Atlas Shrugged

08-26-2010         A Southern Army              Composition of US Armed Forces

09-01-2010    You Are Almost Certainly In A Simulation Quantum Physics

09-10-2010      Innovation                         Discussion of variable-yield bombs

09-24-2010      The Internet       Follow the link to see how nice Neptunus Lex was

11-13-2010      The Price of Hours           A Summary of the Battle for Guadalcanal

12-18-2010      Formation Go                    Discussion of military formation flying

01-15-2011  Echo Range                            Lex’s own Echo Range story

01-17-2011  An Old Letter                        A commentary on an anniversary of Dr King

02-16-2011    Silver Star                           Heroism of a Navy Chief in a minefield

03-06-2011  Whisper: Still Life                Photos of Carrier Life from Whisper

05-21-2011       Deep Stall                          Lex explaining stalls

07-19-2011   If By Whiskey                       Masterful doublespeak even for a politician

08-11-2011    QRF                                         The 22 Navy SEALs who died in Afghanistan

09-13-2011  One Slick Whistle                  Lex’s Impressions of the Kfir

09-14-2011  Qual Flight                           Lex getting qualified in the Kfir

09-15-2011   Flight Two                           Lex’s 2nd flight in the Kfir

09-17-2011   The Yardstick & the Clock  Meaning of the Tea Party Movement

10-02-2011    The Hands Don’t Forget  Lex on his first Kfir mission

10-06-2011    The Distress of the Eloi     H.G. Well’s classic applied to today

10-10-2011    Precision Approach 

10-14-2011   One Hop                              Lex describing the joy of a Kfir flight

10-27-2011    Speaking Truth To Stupid  Peter Schiff debates OWS Protesters

11-01-2011     Two Visions                      Iraq at a crossroads – what to do

11-03-2011      O, Wilt Thou Leave Us So Unsatisfied?   Reminiscing at Fallon

11-04-2011      Frontal Passage               A History of TOPGUN

11-05-2011    Ivy League                         A Harvard student answers his classmates supporting OWS

11-14-2011    Retrospectives                History and a comparasion of 2 groups of 20-Somethings

11-14-2011     Golf Outing                    On the links with 2 Vietnam era Navy pilots

01-11-2012     A Good Ride                    Lex riding his motorcycle from SD up the coast

01-13-2012      Relaxed Stability           Flying wingman in his Kfir to the FA-18; various comparisons

01-24-2012      Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Ever  Past heroes of Naval Aviation

06-05-2018      Neptunus Lex: Some Recommended Posts By Category

After Lex’s accident a number of us posted to this then-new web site. Some more good Navy stories (and others)  so even though they weren’t from Lex I put them in here. A lot of Lexicans can write! 

I think Lex would approve. In fact he’d probably demand it. 


08-23-2004   Inspiration                      A tale from Jonboy in a Skyhawk with Animal

03-24-2012   Lexisms                             (What’s This? Not from Lex? )

03-24-2012   An Old Sea Story           Alert-30,  The Midway, and a Russian Bear

03-26-2012    Never                  HALO parachute jump described from a Special Forces soldier

03-29-2012     Hail and Farewell      A very small post showing Lex’s Flyby (click to enlarge)

03-30-2012     Night Jump                   An account from a Special Forces soldier

04-03-2012   MiG-25 “Foxbat”            A brief history of this aircraft

04-03-2012   Low and Slow                 Night Training in Army helicopters

04-07-2012   What’s Your Call Sign?      Call Signs Explained

04-18-2012    If Lex loved the FA-18. He Has this Man to Thank

05-23-2012   There’s Formation Flying and Then There’s Dissimilar Formation Flying

06-15-2012   And Sometimes, Your Guages Aren’t Lying  An ancient A-3 Whale Out In the Pacific

06-21-2012  Excuses, excuses             How carrier landings are graded

07-11-2012 A Ghost Returns               Story of the Lockheed PV-2 “Harpoon”

07-23-2012    Tribute                           A nice small post showing how Lex welcomed commenters

10-10-2012   A Marine Story                 GQ sounds on the Constellation

10-26-2012   A Mk-76 Tale                   Don’t irritate Navy Chiefs

04-26-2013    Now the Race is on

11-18-2013    We just ran out               Low on fuel flying a FedEx DC-10

11-19-2012   The Atomic Tourist        A Visit to a Titan Missile Museum

12-10-2012   This Is Going To Be Bad  An F-14 launch, and one afterburner goes out

01-01-2013   Moe and Larry Take A Cat Shot A Ride down the cat in an A-6

01-14-2013   Newtown                       Newtown school massacre from a 1st Responder

01-25-2013   Saudade                              The Portuguese word describing Lex’s absence

02-07-2013   We Meet The F-14             A-6 crew meets F-14 Crew at Fallon

02-22-2013    A Visit to See a Hawk       At Beale AFB to learn about the Global Hawk

04-02-2013    Call Sign Misty                  A Very Special Air Force Unit From Vietnam

04-07-2013     Milton Caniff and the Airforce  Msgt Buck and the comic strip hero

04-08-2013    The Switch                       A KA-6D in need of a part that isn’t available; can a Chief solve it?

04-12-2013    The Rest Of The Story    Fate of 2 RAF pilots in Desert Storm

04-18-2013     An Afternoon Chasing U2s

04-17-2013    Boston

04-24-2013    The Switch Part 2, or Keep Right

05-07-2013     Not Tonight

05-09-2013     Sunrise                             Busbob & Joe on a Yo Yo Run

05-10-2013     Auf Wiedersehn,Phantom         Retirement of the last F4 Unit

05-13-2013     Imperial War Museum  Pictures of museum at Duxford

06-10-2013      A Different Kind of Mission  An Army Blackhawk Sqn in Panama

06-12-2013      You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

A tale of 2 A6s on the Connie

06-17-2013      Operation End Sweep  Laying Mines in Haiphong Harbor

06-26-2013       I have the airplane!     Ex A-6 Driver and now FedEx 727 Captain with a tale.

07-22-2013    My Favorite SR-71 Story How slow can a Blackbird fly?

07-30-2013     Western Aircraft in the USSR  Known captured western aircraft

08-12-2013     Soviet Aggressor Program

09-10-2013    One Foot                         An A-6, a tossing carrier & pitch black

09-26-2013     The Hump                     A Story about learning to fly the C-46 in WW2

11-30-2013      Eulogy for a Fighter Pilot An excerpt from Pat Conroy’s eulogy to his father

11-18-2013      We Just Ran Out…        Story of a FedEx pilot…

12-22-2013     Flying the A-6 in Vietnam  What it was like by Cmdr Charles Beauchesn

01-23-2014      Will and Rocky          A flight in a Tic 4

02-03-2014       C-130 in Some Extreme Maneuvers Bob Hoover would be Impressed I think

04-18-2014      If Lex loved the F/A-18, he has this man to thank… 

05-19-2014     We lost a tough, tough man last week  Story of A-6 pilot Bob Flynn

06-26-2014   The Somme                    Modern pictures of that WW1 Battlefield

07-27-2014   Precise Flying                1965, a loaded C-124, zewro visibility and low on fuel

08-12-2014    The Rooskies                   Russian Bears and practical jokes

08-28-2014     Experience & Treachery vs Youth & Skill

11-28-2014      Tales of My Youth: The Adventure of the Green Iguana A frigid SAC base, strange character and a green iguana

11-28-2014      Tales of My Youth (3 parts) A SAC Base, Nuclear Security and an Airman First Class

12-02-2014      The Adventures of the Green Iguana

04-11-2015     Shayne Meder and the Team Finished the MH-60   Beautiful paintwork Shayne does free to the Navy

08-30-2015     In Memorium, from Suffolk, UK  About the 8th AAF

01-16-2015      A Strange Day For A Lexican  A trip to the dentist, then…..

05-27-2016      Mr. Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima  A bit of alternative history with Operation Downfall

05-25-2018      Aviator Memorial at NAS Lemoore – Lex 

07-13-2018       A Short Vietnam War Story            Involving a Soviet Intelligence Gathering Trawler and a Whale

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