Cmdr. Charles Beauchesne: Flying the A-6 Intruder Over North Vietnam.

blog1 Ever wonder what it was like to fly the Tadpole A-6 Intruder over Route Pack 6 (yes, I know TF-77 had RPs 2,3,4, and 6B)? Commander Charles Beauchesne gave an interesting hour long lecture at the San Diego Air and Space Museum on what it was like to fly and fight the A-6 over North Vietnam. You’ll get the skinny on the tactics, weapons and, most interestingly you’ll learn how evade the SA-2 Guideline surface to air missile.

BTW, if you aren’t subscribed to the San Diego Air and Space Museum’s Youtube channel, you’re really missing out. They have a lot of very interesting content.

Also, our very own xbradtc‘s father is an A-6 aviator.

UPDATE: Image courtesy of Pete Wenman Art. My apologizes for not including that earlier.


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9 responses to “Cmdr. Charles Beauchesne: Flying the A-6 Intruder Over North Vietnam.

  1. An interesting debrief that happens to coincide with my own experiences during that same timeframe.

    It should also be noted that the A-6 depicted is original artwork by UK artist Pete Wenman. Its story may be found here:

  2. Charlie was one of the veteran jet guys brought into the S3 community early on, when it was realized the S2 guys weren’t making as smooth a transition as was expected. Scotty Scott, B McEwen, Bo-chesny … Sure I’ve forgotten others.

    • xbradtc

      When my dad was CO VA-42 in 1967, they were bringing in a lot of S-2 guys. He said they did pretty well in transition, since they were used to flying low at night.

  3. Dust

    Hey Flit! Good to see your moniker again! Merry Christmas from the icy reaches of the Peoples republic of ver-mont!

  4. Good to see you again, Flit. Be of good cheer.

  5. Busbob

    It’s Charlie! Good to see him after many many years. He was LSO on the Connie when yours truly made a peacetime cruise. Good stories follow him everywhere, most of them he told on himself.

  6. Bill Brandt

    I’ll have to watch this when I get back from a lunch today.

    I was at the VA last week and was sorry I missed a talk by a WSO who flew the ‘Wild Weasel” F105 in North Vietnam.

    Talk about a stressful job.

  7. Charlie Beauchesne, (B+9), was my pilot in the latter half of the 1970-1971 deployment of VA-52. Haven’t been in contact for years, but doesn’t seem to have changed a bunch. A fine pilot.

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