By Lex

Posted On July 24, 2006


Neglected to mention earlier that I took the Biscuit and her entourage down to the Comicon on Saturday. If you think that half an hour or so in city traffic with your teenage daughter is a bonding opportunity, I’ll give it to you. So long as you in turn agree that “bonding” can be so expansively defined as to include the three lovely young women singing at very near the top of their voices to songs you’ve never heard sung by people you’d beat for lunch money in concert with an iPod player. From the moment you get into the car, until the moment, where, ears aching and mind turned to mush, you put it  in park. And then saying – having paid the fare for admission – see you in a couple of hours. Mm-kay? Repeat.

But if you ever you do go, take a camera. There are always some rather amazing species on exhibit.

Favorite t-shirt: “I know war is not the answer. I got it wrong on purpose.”

Other favorite t-shirt – which, I’ll point out, I didn’t actually see at the convention. But still, perversely, want anyway. Because if I wore it, the irony2 might actually implode upon itself with potentially interesting consequences.

‹ introspection>I have this sneaking suspicion that these choices say something about me, but I’m not quite able to put my finger on it… ‹/introspection>

All done!


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