C130 Pilot Demonstrates Some Extreme Manuevers


It looks like a civilian pilot – Lockheed test pilot? I was surprised that they were doing this over the airport and a populated area.

You’ll notice the ramp is down – one Lexican was wondering if someone was trying to get out 😉

update: 05-22-2018I have since learned that this was most likely at the Paris Airshow – some absolutely amazing flying. I think that Bob Hoover would be impressed. 

I didn’t really have to say much in this post – letting the video do the talking – how Lockheed (test pilot? Jim Wayne? ) made this C-130 absolutely sing. 


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11 responses to “C130 Pilot Demonstrates Some Extreme Manuevers

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. CT II Raven

    It was for an airshow (note the show line on the grass). Nothing really extreme, though a couple of the reversals were away from the center of the envelope. I would have loved to be onboard for that routine. BTW, it was a Ramstein aircraft.

  3. Dave Gehle

    Paris Air Show

  4. NavyDavy

    Air Show in Europe sounds right. Check it at 3:00 lots of different types parked on top of each other.

  5. Bill Brandt

    Years ago, at the Reno Air Races, I waited about an hour past the end before heading to the parking lot. (still do when I go there unless you like sitting in your car in a dusty lot for an hour 😉 )

    Anyway this pilot of an Alaska ANG C130 was departing and about 400-500′ AGL threw that plane into a 90 degree bank – or more.

    Never will forget seeing that big plane turned end on end.

    Someone once told me that putting the Herc into an extreme bank was SOP in Vietnam to avoid SAMs – anyone know if this is true?

  6. NavyDavy

    We (the squadron) landed at TSN in a DC-7 transfered to two C-130s for the short haul to VNAF Binh Thuy. Our gear was tied down forward we were holding onto a cargo net secured to the deck aft. They made I believe it was called a combat landing, scarry.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR7dNhYBWzU

  7. Lots of computer angst. Bitching Betty was quite unhappy. A profesional crew made it look easy. Thanks!

    Passing thought: with more altitude could he have looped it? Or half-rolled at the top in a kind of Immelmann turn?

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