O, Wilt Thou Leave Us So Unsatisfied?

By lex, on November 3rd, 2011

What satisfaction cans’t thou have this day? When your host most shamefully slept on both ears until nearly the hour of seven, a repose that left him uncharacteristically refreshed, but which has relegated to status pitiful the time we have to share to these few moments. On account of the security constraints that are in it at the (prestigious) Navy Fighter Weapons School. Where even having an iPhone in your pocket is reason to be shot on sight, an iPad getting you drawn and quartered, like.

But: Another day being lectured, it was. A thing not nearly so onerous as that once meant, back when I was a wee nobbut. Ended up meeting a former squadronmate at the officer’s club just as I was getting to leave.

He remembered me at once, and although I knew his face his name did not spring instantly to mind. It turned out that the had joined my final squadron just six or eight weeks before I was due to leave. He said nice things, which is always gratifying. To know you left a bit of a mark, even in the final laps.

Anyway, got to go. More lectures and then an Actual Flight. In the Fallon Range Training Complex.

More when there’s time, that being the fire we all burn in.

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