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Posted by Lex on September 10, 2007



Michael Totten has a great read posted on the Anbar Awakening and the Anbar city of Ramadi’s rise from the ashes. Worth reading from front to end, but it’s especially gratifying to learn that the Iraqi Army in the Anbari province at least is made up of clever lads:

I couldn’t possibly care less about the rivalry between the Army and the Marines, although I was occasionally asked by members of each which branch I preferred.

One Marine tried to get an Iraqi Army soldier to take sides.

“Which do you think is better?” he said to the Iraqi soldier. “Army or Marines?”

“The Navy is best,” said the Iraqi.

The Marine was taken aback. “The Navy?” he said.

“Yes, Navy,” said the Iraqi.

The Marine looked slightly annoyed when I laughed.

Yeah. They get like that.


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