Mig-25 “Foxbat”

I’m sure many of you remember this. The story about the MiG is here.

The MiG-25 (NATO codename “Foxbat”) first flew in 1964 and created quite a stir. She was built to counter the XB-70 Valkyrie. Western over estimates of her performance resulted in the F-15 Eagle.

Then on September 6, 1976 Lt. Viktor Belenko defected to the U.S. by way of Japan with his MiG-25P giving western analysts their first up-close glimpse of this monster (I met him in college btw…random and interesting story I’ll tell in a later post).

2 random things about the Foxbat: 1) She was known to Soviet Air Defense Forces as the “Flying Vodka Bottle.” Not sure why but want to say it was the anti-freeze coolant in the airplane. 2) The 5-kw radar was so powerful dead bunny carcasses (fried from all that microwave radiation would pile up on the upwind side of runways of Foxbat bases.

Anyway back to the Iraqi Foxbat in the sandbox. She ended up in the restoration hangar of the National Museum of the USAF:


Anyway enjoy the pics. I took them while on the restoration tour.

*As an aside an Iraqi MiG-25 is rumored to have shot down Lt. Scott Speicher in the F/A-18C from VFA-81 “Sunliners” on 17 January 1991.

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9 responses to “Mig-25 “Foxbat”

  1. shipfitter

    The Sunliners were based at Cecil NAS. There is still people here in this city who honor his service, sacrifice and memory.

  2. Mike M.

    The part about the alcohol-based avionics cooling is correct.

    Ironically, after the end of the Cold War you could travel to Russia and get a hop in a two-seat Foxbat trainer. Sic transit gloria mundi.

    • A number of service wives petitioned the Soviet AF Command to use something besides Alcohol as a coolant. The story is in John Barron’s “Mig Pilot” which is an interesting read regardless.

  3. Busbob

    Was on the Connie in that time frame, we would read the secret stuff daily on what they were learning about the Foxbat.
    Then the COD brings in the load of mail and just about everything we had read in the classified file was there in Aviation Week!
    Never did figure out which–was AvWeek that good or did we leak intel like a rusty bucket…

    • Mike M.

      Both. AvWeek used to have some of the best sources of any publication out there.

      It didn’t help that the Japanese were involved – and leaked like a sieve themselves.

  4. msgtbuck

    I was stationed at Yokota AB at the time and knew a USAF intel captain who participated in Belenko’s “debrief.” All my friend would say about the experience was “it was interesting.” I’ll bet.

  5. blackeagle603

    5-kw radar and dead bunnies. That got a chuckle. Not the dead bunnies, the idea of a 5-kw radar.Must have been a cute little thing. Maybe it was a Heathkit?

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