Posted by Lex, on August 18, 2006

It was 1400, and the heat of the day was upon them. There was little activity on the flight line. The Navy F-4’s sat at the end of the flight line, the engine bay doors on one of them left open, awaiting inspection. Tom sat playing Acey-Ducey with Saunders. The backgammon variant had become almost as popular as Spades on this deployment. The section chiefs and the NCOIC’s of the shops had been in a meeting since lunch. Everyone waited.

Tom looked up as Gunny Ceisak came in, “Harrelson, are you willing to go to Mids?”

“Sure, Gunny. When?”

“Tonight, and since you’re trained, you’ll have QA responsibilities. They’re going to move some others, too. I do know there will be a Staff NCO in Maintenance Control, and you in QA.”

“Tonight,” Tom cut off whatever thought he was going to express. Mids was fine. If it had to be tonight, ok.


“Nothing’s permanent, Harrelson, but probably for the rest of the det.”

“Can I secure now? Mids reports at 2330, right?”

Gunny sighed, then chuckled, “Yeah, go on, get out of here. Midrats is at 2300, they run the truck down from the chowhall as soon as everyone eats. Be there. Don’t be U.A., Mids is going to be under a microscope for a while.”

An hour later, Tom sat in Piso Jimmy’s. A bottle of Coke sat before him. He was alone, and with time to kill before Emie showed up, he updated his journal, and wrote a letter home. As people filtered in, the talk went round and round about the events of the day, the shakeup of the mid crew.

Other news and scuttlebutt was passed. Powinski was out of sick bay, returned to duty and doing ok. Some sailor had been stabbed by a girl in the Wagon Wheel on MagSaySay, and the Wagon Wheel was off limits. One of the cooks that had come with the squadron had lost his ID for being late, and someone said he was out in town anyway. They had seen him walking on a side street, and how the heck was he getting across the river?

Emie arrived, and Tom left with her, to find dinner and to talk, to explain his new schedule, and hear about her day. Around 2200, they walked up MagSaySay and he left her on the bridge. He crossed, passed through the gate into the base and climbed aboard the bus to take him up the hill to Cubi.


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