The BS-1

Posted by Lex, on August 6, 2008

Not content with jet setting around the globe or cooling a 10,000 square foot house in Tennessee, the Goracle has taken some of the folding cash that comes with being a climate change profit prophet and plunked it down on an “environmentally friendly” 100-foot houseboat. PJ media’s Steve Gill has more on the “Bio-Solar One.”

According to (boat designer Bill) Austin, the engines are bio-diesel fueled and Gore can expect to use about two gallons an hour to cruise Center Hill Lake. With a 500 gallon capacity Austin says Gore won’t need a refill for “two or three years” though he admits having “no clue” about where Gore could get bio-diesel at the lake. The Hurricane Marina dock doesn’t sell it.

What is it they say? “It’d be a lot easier believing in the climate change crisis if those folks running around warning about the crisis started acting like they believed in it.”


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