Smoking gun

By Lex, Posted on February 13, 2007


CAPT Ed reports via the UK Daily Telegraph that the Iranian National Police have lost over a hundred high-end, Austrian-built sniper rifles. They’ve just, you know: Gone missing. People lose things.

There’s good news and bad news for all of those concerned about what mischief may arise when a sniper rifle goes missing: The good news is that Coalition troops have found the rifles. The bad news is that they found the rifles in Iraq. In the hands of Shia extremists who have been using them to kill American soldiers. So maybe Iran ought not hold their breath until we give them back:

This appears to substantiate the findings of the Department of Defense, presented this weekend, that Iran has actively supplied weapons to the Iraqi insurgencies, and that those weapons have killed American troops. The DoD focused on the EFPs, explosive devices that can destroy vehicular armor, and counted 170 American deaths from the super-IEDs. The HS50s have also killed Americans, and seem designed to do so. The first American to die from the HS50 was shot 45 days after the Iranian police received their shipment.

US forces have captured over a hundred of the HS50s from the Iranian police shipment. That amounts to over 12% of the total number of rifles imported by Iran to fight drug dealers, a dodge that has grown more threadbare ever since the invasion of Iraq. The Iranians have not claimed — yet — that they managed to lose one-eighth of all the new rifles intended for their police, and the Iranian government was clearly the recipient of the arms.

The American embassy in Tehran. The American embassy in LebanonKhobar Towers. EFPs in Iraq. And now this. This is too much.

But maybe I’m being ungenerous. After all, everbody loses things from time to time. I think it might be about time we lost a few 2000 pound JDAMS. I have an idea who might lose them for us. And a couple of notions where they ought to go.


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