Neptunus Lex: Stories and Essays of the Navy

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. You’ll probably find even more just going through the Best of index! 

Bill Brandt

10-12-2003     The Hive

10-13-2003     Going Fast, Stopping In A Hurry

10-23-2003     Homecoming 2003 – The End Of A War Cruise

11-26-2003     The Unbearable Lightness Of Paddles

01-15-2004     Colors On The Stennis

01-17-2004     Port Visits – Perth

02-02-2004    Teamwork

03-04-2004    Flying With Your Feet On Non Skid

03-21-2004     A Dry Navy

04-11-2004     On The Value Of Sleep

05-14-2004    Callsigns

05-22-2004    Port Visit Karachi Pakistan

06-04-2004   Youngster Cruise

10-13-2004     Living Overseas

10-18-2004     Working Your Hardest

12-21-2004     The Empty Chair

01-08-2005    Navy Showers And The Steam Cycle

01-10-2005     Message To Garcia

01-13-2005     The Separation Thing

02-19-2005    Iwo Jima

06-01-2005     Wacko

01-21-2006    Things you’ve never seen…

07-13-2006     Things you forget about, when you haven’t

08-11-2006     Night Bounce

12-07-2006      Pearl Harbor

03-01-2007     Time to get up

04-23-2007     Service Etiquette

06-06-2007    Lost Opportunities

07-27-2007    That “resilient” threat

09-18-2006      Mugger on CAP

12-07-2006      Pearl Harbor

03-01-2007     Time to get up

03-05-2007     This Better be Good 

04-23-2007     Service Etiquette

06-06-2007    Lost Opportunities

01-19-2008     The Captain’s Log

03-01-2008    An Old Letter

07-19-2008    Mere Chance

09-06-2008   Postcards From The Hedge

05-21-2009    Survivor’s Guilt

06-08-2009   Mah Brutha Beef

07-14-2009     Data Flows

09-03-2009     Icarus

08-11-2010      Sacred Oak

08-06-2011     I’ve Met Them

11-30-2011      Fallon Squiblets

12-07-2011      Pearl Harbor Day

03-03-2012     Early Go


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