UK says “no” to risque nose art

Posted by lex on June 6th, 2007

Might offend women, spokesmen said, while admitting that no complaints from women had been received. Not to mention Muslims in Afghanistan. Who, it seems to me, probably have bigger burkhas to fry, but what do I know.

It’s a fair cop, I guess. Kinder, gentler warfare and all that. And for my own part, I never lusted after any nose art on my jet that wasn’t the planform of a MiG I’d bagged.

Not having bagged any MiG’s – and having been disciplined enough to forgo the only potential opportunity I was ever presented – I settled for the odd GBU-12 or JSOW, representing targets on the ground that I’d destroyed.

Hope those didn’t offend anyone. 

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2 responses to “UK says “no” to risque nose art

  1. Any more info on this?
    I don’t remember reading about it.
    “and having been disciplined enough to forgo the only potential opportunity I was ever presented”

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