Forward Deployed Plane Pr0n

By lex, on April 19th, 2007

Carrier Air Wing Five over Mount Fuji. Including a shining example of an ultra-tactical paint scheme from the SSHWFGD (super sh!t hot world famous golden dragons) of VFA-192 – really the class of the organization, unless things have very much changed in the intervening years.

The formation is lead here by an E-2C from the VAW-115 ** “Liberty Balls” and a VRC-30 ** C-2 from the forward-deployed COD det (who, if they hadn’t between them led the thing, prolly couldn’t have gotten aboard for the rendezvous), a VAQ-136 “Gauntlet” jet, not that there’s anything wrong with that, an FA-18F tanker from the VFA-102 “Diamondbacks” – used to be a Tomcat squadron, ’til they got some class – and an FA-18E tanker from the “Royale (with cheese) Maces” of VFA-27.

Next in the queue is the second best squadron I’ve ever known, the aforementioned Golden Dragons, followed (as is customary) by them ‘orrible Chippy-ho’s (not the Don Imus variety, I don’t think) the Damn Busters of VFA-195. Not shown is any helicopter from the “Chargers” of HS-14, on account of the thin air up there, and the dreadful speed that’s in it (E-2′s and C-2′s notwithstanding). Not to mention the clouds and such.

Foward Deployed Plane Pr0n

FDNF, baby. Best duty in the fleet.

I wonder who’s in charge of the O’Club, now that Charley-san and Kenny-san have (I am told) between them gone one to pasture and the other to the clearing at the end of the path?

** 07-30-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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One response to “Forward Deployed Plane Pr0n

  1. I remember when the Diamondbacks were an F-4J outfit in CVW-7 aboard Independence when I was a young sailor.

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