Test Pilot

By lex, on August 24th, 2011

What do you call a pilot who loads his aircraft outside its weight and balance limit? One answer is “test pilot”.

Another is “convict“:

The investigation began in September 2005, after a Bombardier Challenger CL-600-1A11 jet that was carrying too much fuel failed to take off at Teterboro, skidded through an airport fence, and ran into a warehouse, injuring 11 people in the airplane and 3 on the ground. The captain on that flight is among those facing charges. The court found that Vieira and his co-conspirators falsified flight logs by indicating that certain flights were private flights instead of charter flights, to conceal Part 135 violations such as pilot qualifications and rest requirements. On more than two dozen occasions, Vieira altered the weight and balance graphs for the jet that crashed at Teterboro by changing the weight and center of gravity printed on those graphs. Vieira and his co-conspirators altered the graphs so pilots could top off the fuel tanks with discounted fuel in order to save money, although it would exceed the maximum forward COG limits.

It’s hard to make any money in the charter industry. Harder still to make it from prison.

In other news, we are whole and safe after yesterday’s temblor, whose epicenter was half way between Richmond and Charlottesville, the shakings of which apparently were felt as far north as Manhattan and down into South Carolina. Hardly seemed possible that I could have flown from California to Virginia to experience an earthquake, but there it is.

Hurricane coming this weekend, so I’m back to Sandy Eggo on Thursday evening, a few days early. If a plague of locusts come, it’s time to move to physical gold, and up the ammo stocks.


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