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By lex, on April 8th, 2007

You’ve heard it since you first started using a computer: Back up your data.

Believe. My venerable desktop, keeper of more paid-for iTunes music than I care to think about, not to mention family photos and videos, as well as assorted other documents created over the years and saved for sentimental reasons, started acting a little, you know: Peculiar. ‘Bout a month or so ago. Unexpected application crashes, lost functionality. I was lucky and the end came on gradually, giving me time to do a thorough back up of important files and apps. Last week it pretty much heaved its last sighs, and I’ve spent much of the intervening time trying to resuscitate the operating system, to no avail – I was lucky to have the MacBook Pro as a back-up while troubleshooting.

You don’t have a back-up MacBook Pro? Then maybe it’s time to also consider saving those network preferences in a safe place.

Today it was time to pull out the big sticks, wipe the hard drive clean and try a fresh install, and I’m happy to say that it worked. Lesson learned?

Back it up now, if you care about it.

On a separate topic, many of you are aware that I have from time to time ran afoul of various species of internet trolls. Recently I discovered that I have caught the attention of a different kind of crank altogether. It’s become necessary to delete the email address formerly attached to the contact form, which fact will no doubt go a long way towards explaining why someone who previously contacted me through that address now receives error messages in return.

My apologies for the inconvenience, but this is the world we live in.

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