No time for love, Dr. Jones

By lex, on January 12th, 2008

It’ll be a light day for posting at these our humble digs today, as your correspondent is scheduled to slip the surly bonds not once but four times, in the carriage of passengers (for hire) while simulating air combat. In preparation for which he had been required and desired to provide a sample to the local drug testing facility earlier in the week. On the off chance that he might gamble a twenty-six year retirement check on the chance to toke on a blunt. After all these years of clean, clear-eyed sobriety.

And as for the testing itself, it was a kind of a relief (get it?) to find that what passes for a drug test in the civilian world amounts to instructions to 1) wash your hands, 2) go in that room and do your business, and 3) holler when you’re done. A relief I say (there he goes again) as contrasted to the Navy method, wherein you try to summon the will to provide while some guy who volunteered for the collateral duty of watching other people go to the bathroom breathes heavily over your shoulder, a-rattling on his key chain. The bastard.

Of all the things I will miss in this Great Navy of Ours, I’m quite certain that I’ll miss that least.

But, getting back to the matter at hand (I can’t help myself), four flights today so long as for each take-off there occurs no less than exactly one landing and the machine holds together between iterations.

It’s cool and clear, and I can’t wait to get started.


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