Still not clear on the operational concept

By Lex, On January 10, 2007


European Commission says U.S. airstrikes not helpful in bringing long-term peace to Somalia

BRUSSELS, Belgium: The U.S. airstrikes in southern Somalia as part of an anti-terror operation will not contribute to bringing about long-term peace to the African nation, the EU’s executive office said Tuesday.

“Any incident of this kind is not helpful in the long term,” European Commission spokesman Amadeu Altafaj Tardio said.

We see things differently.

A war on terror – we were serious about that, by the way – is necessarily a war on terrorists. Long-term peace for Somalia may be an important consequence of that campaign but it is not the goal, or otherwise we could have endorsed the Islamic Courts Union’s program of extrajudicial shootings and intimidation of their cowed citizenry.

Our goal is far more simple: Find the people who get their jollies by murdering our citizens and other innocents, and then flush them out from within their comfortable safe havens and into the open where they can be smashed like bugs.

Pour encourager les autres.

They could have had it their way – they were welcome to their faith and traditions, so long as it didn’t result in some of them flying airplanes into skyscrapers or blowing up embassies and subway trains. But we’re not interested in a dialogue with al Qaeda – we understand them perfectly.

If the EU wants “helpful,” then they can remove the caveats restricting the freedom of movement of their forces in Afghanistan so that they can be employed against the Taliban militants who blow up girls’ schoolhouses and assassinate local government officials. Or they can pass the ammunition. Or else they can just get the hell out of our way.

Just don’t lecture us about “helpful.”

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