Women’s rights – jihadi-style

Posted by lex, on March 20, 2008

From the Washington Times:

A female suicide bomber who blew herself up yesterday on the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion reflects an expansion of the pool of terrorist recruits and a new favorite tactic in the war in Iraq.

The bomber killed five persons and wounded two policemen in the town of Balad Ruz northeast of Baghdad, according to a statement from the U.S. military. She is the 18th female bomber since the war began, the second this week, and the seventh this year alone.

“Everybody is scared of women” now, said Firas, a young man who travels to work in the heavily protected International Zone from his home in Baghdad every day.

This is a tactic of desperation, akin to sending the Hitler jugend up against combat hardened Soviet legions in the Battle for Berlin – and it has a good chance of backfiring. When you empower a woman to the ultimate sacrifice, you either 1) tarnish a message of cultural “purity”, 2) put thoughts in other women’s  heads that if Ayeesha over there is allowed to be a shaheed, why can’t I go to market by myself? or, 3) both.

The Qaedist message to Islamic Araby is that in order to create a more perfect ummah in the face of Westoxification the region must return to its 7th century roots. This ain’t them, and the societal “destabilization” the longer article cites may be just what the region needs to open the eyes of at least 1/2 of their population to the toxic poisons of Islamist ideology.

Or not.

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