Living In The Past

Posted by Lex, on February 7, 2010


Unlike here in the US, Britain has an officially sanctioned, state-sponsored religion, and that faith – The Church of England – has a bone to pickwith the BBC:

Bishops, clergy and lay members of the General Synod will vote this week on a motion calling on the state broadcaster to explain why its television coverage of Christianity has declined so steeply in recent years.

Output has fallen from 177 hours of religious programming on BBC television in 1987/88 to 155 hours in 2007/08 – a period during which the overall volume of programming has doubled.

The BBC’s director of religious programming, Aaqil Ahmed, says that C of E leadership are “living in the past.”

In the most recent national census, 75% of Britons self-identify as Christians.

One wonders what future Mr. Ahmed has in mind for the BBC, and Britain.


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