A Comment from Cookie Santiago

Cookie Santiago Says:

October 5th, 2006 at 8:43 pm

I’d like to share part of SECNAV Winters’ talking points in his speech at the Chief Pinning Ceremony in Washington on Sept. 15:

• I leave you with four worthy goals that I urge you to strive for as you continue your careers as Chief Petty Officers in the United States Navy

• May you be Sailors of commitment like Master Chief Carl Brashear, recently deceased Navy diver and hero, and portrayed in the recent movie, “Men of Honor”

• May you be Sailors of faith like 7 year-old Diego Santiago, a child who recently died of lung cancer whose one wish in life was to be a Navy chief so could be, in his words, “just like my dad.” He was made an honorary chief last March before his illness took him last month

• May you be Sailors of courage like Chief Darga, EOD specialist and hero, killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq on August 22nd. Chief Darga was on his fourth Middle East tour when he was killed

• And may you be Sailors of honor like the countless Navy chiefs in the fleet today whose character serves as an example to those younger Sailors who follow in their footsteps

• Thank you, every one of you, for your service and your patriotism

As the mother of Chief Diego Santiago, I find comfort and encouragement in knowing that he is still recognized as one of the Navy’s finest! He’d be so pleased.


This is not from lex, but a comment he linked on his old website, neptunuslex, in a post that honored a 5 year old boy with a terminal illness, Diego Santiago, whose dream it was to follow his father into the naval ranks and eventually become a Chief. This comment to his site is from his mother. – Ed

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Taken from Lex’s old website, neptunuslex. Linked from his post/ – Ed

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