Show us the Vids!

By lex, on May 20th, 2011

Casual interest was expressed by certain occasional readers in the promotional material provided to your host in his role as a citizen journalist earlier in the week.

Those who are interested may follow this link (updated) wherein you will find hosted for some indeterminate time a press release (yawn) and fact sheet (both in pdf), as well as 60+ megs worth of photos and videos, all compressed in zip format and eminently safe for work. I think.

I have no inherent reason to be suspicious of virus, trojans, etc. – I am operating on a Mac, after all, and therefore can afford to be a trusting soul – but other system users may want to run the downloads through their favored virus checker.

Sadly, the video of your humble’s wildly overshooting start at the helm of the cockpit demonstrator is not available, the cameraman having been killed in a tragic automobile accident after leaving the site and his car entirely consumed in the post-crash fire which police are still investigating, calling the circumstances suspicious.

Which I told him that it could go easy, or it could go hard, but did he listen?


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