By lex, on December 27th, 2011

I’m probably right of the bell curve on tech for a man of my age. Oh, I don’t run Linux. Nor do I spend any more time than is entirely necessary on the command line. I don’t write code, nor build routers. But I can tinker on the margins, and am capable of Googling with the best of them.

So, anyway, SNO gifted me a first-person shooter up by the name of Battlefield 3. He likes it better than the Call of Duty series what’s out there on the street. Heightened realism, fewer mad hackers shooting through walls and such. Not really my thing, you know. But a nice gift. Given the season, and so on.

We tried to install it on the Boot Camp partition of my 2009 iMac. But it required Windows 7, don’t  you know. Which I had been running XP, and I don’t typically surf the net from that side. And we are behind a firewall. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

A trivial thing to upload a new version of Windows, you’d think. Downloaded the 64-bit version, since that allows the machine to fully access the core machine’s available RAM. But the XP variant was 32-bit, and it would have none.

So I downloaded the 32-bit variant, hoping for the best. A hope frustrated in the event. Through multiple attempts at upgrading XP to 7, I was told that I didn’t have the correct permissions, etc. Plus, there was a need to back-up our legacy system files and documents. Maybe boot from a USB device.

So we tripped it the light fantastic hither and thither, acquiring a 16 GB thumb drive for the boot device, changing permissions. Enduring tedious downloads. Also bought a nifty network drive to back up our everything to a personal cloud, like. Set us back around $350 between the one thing and the next. Which was no great shakes, after all. I was going to do the Windows 7 upgrade in any event, and needed some back-up storage, just in case.

Countless restarts later, I am $350 poorer and no closer to the dream of playing a game that was gifted to me, costing perhaps $40. The network was interrupted half-way through a 120GB, nine hour transfer of system files and settings, requiring us to start afresh. All of the various support fora are largely silent on my own misfortunes.

It’s a happy thing, I think, that I do not keep ball peen hammers, far less 20-pound sledges close to hand.

For I’m that close to going it the beserker, just now.


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