The Kindness of Strangers

By lex, on March 2nd, 2011

You’re a pretty savvy crew, I’ll give you that. On slim forensics, many of you have sussed out that your humble scribe may well be at yet another turning point, this one not of his own choosing. And lots of yez have stepped into the breach, offering to help in whatever way you can, or offering your thoughts and prayers if you cannot. I’m very grateful.

Here’s an awkward thing to write about. There are no heroes, and no villains. Just the headwinds facing my chosen follow-on profession, and the risks of joining a small company, one that doesn’t have a lot of depth on the employment bench. The client, quite rightly, is looking to trim headcount. The company, quite rightly, is looking to retain contracted work. And I, all of a sudden, am stuck in the middle, a breadwinner working day to day or week to week, never quite knowing how it’s all going to turn out.

In times like these, it takes your breath away. Your stomach hurts. You’ve trouble sleeping at night, and maintaining your focus on the work. When the truth comes down to you that you’re essentially on waivers, your overwhelming focus turns to finding the next thing. Which may end up looking a lot like the last thing.

No, I don’t guess I’ll get to ever launch off aircraft carriers again, not as the pilot in command of a single seat fighter. Nor have to face the back end of the terror machine again at night when there’s no moon, sideways slanting rain and the deck is pitching. Nor eagerly fling myself at the earth again in wild abandon, bringing death with me in the form of thousand pound bombs. But it might be there’s something that has a cockpit integral to the design, and some class of cargo that needs to be moved from one place to another. This, I know how to do.

To each thing there is a time, and a time to every purpose.

I’ve just got to find mine.

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