Christmas Eve, 2009

By lex, on December 24th, 2009

I hope your preparations for the season are well in hand, and that all those that may be gathered close to you are at your side. We nuclear five are at last re-united; the Hobbit slumbers yet, as does SNO but lately come from Pensacola. We have reliable reports (but it is dread hard to personally attest) that Biscuit has been home for a week’s time, and the Kat of course is still with us whenever she is not otherwise demanded, at the barn or athwart a horse, which is pretty much most of her waking hours.

There are boyfriends.

Soon the house will stamp and clash pitter-patter with not-so-little feet, and if history is any judge there will be demands to open a present – just the one – before the rosbif is fairly turned. These supplications will course will be sternly and absolutely dismissed as being entirely without merit, not to mention the tradition that’s in it. Just up until the point where we cravenly submit, for you’ve no idea how persuasive they can be, not to mention persistent, especially the littlest youngest one.

So, I wish to you my friends, each and every one, every joy of the season including the time and space to contemplate its meaning in your own lives. Walk while you have the light.

Me, I’m just wishing that I could hold on to this, all of it.

And I’m off to buy a candle.

Christmas Eve 2009

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it.”
–John 1:5

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