Happy New Year


By lex, on January 1st, 2011

To each and every.

The perceptive reader will have noticed a certain lack of density round these here parts over the last cuppla, and perhaps a certain lack of gravitas. It’s my sincere hope that the most of yez are using some class of RSS reader to find out when there’s something novel to scan, for I dread that the regulars come back on their own any number of times on a day like yesterday. Each to their own, of course.

So: It’s not you, it’s me.

See, I’ve been fearful busy with other things of late. For one, I have taken up the P90X workout regimen, having grown jaded with CrossFit. For the now. (And if anyone tells you that yoga is mere stretching [P90X week 1, day 4] you’ve my permission to classify him as a liar, or an idiot. Of all the many aggressive workouts – each lasting the better part of an hour – I only bailed half way through the one. Yoga, of course. I’m not proud of admitting it.)

And: I’m getting checked out in a new (for me) airplane. It’s a Cessna 182RG **– nothing new there – but it comes with a Garmin 530 ** with WAAS that is interconnected to an S-Tec 55x autopilot, as well as an Aspen PFD **. It offers a whole lot of neat capability, but there are serious systems inter-relationships to work through, and it’s been a little time consuming. A whole day of book study and laptop simulation, followed by a rather intense two hour cockpit fam t’other day. Today’s my check-ride, and there’s studying to do. So there’s that.

Also: Yesterday, the weather being optimal, your scribe further humbled himself on the links at Torrey Pines golf course – with apologies to Justhisguy, whom we have reason to believe has an aversion to the sport. For you see, what used to be called the Buick Open – and is now the Farmer’s something-or-other – is right around the corner, so workmen were busily tacking up scaffolding and such. Which wasn’t the problem. Rather, the greenskeeper at Torrey has decided to let the rough encroach on several of the fairways and grow up to vertiginous heights on the whole of them, in such a manner as to cause any ball struck in a less than perfect way off the tee to become instantly and irretrievably lost. The bastard.

And it’s the holiday season, isn’t it precious? So we all try to lighten our several loads this time of year, with varying success.

As for me, I had but an indifferent 2010, with some minor achievements and a few notable disappointments. Here’s hoping for a better 2011 for all us.

We have to go and earn it.

**  10-16-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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