Agreeing with Gavin Newsome

By Lex

Posted on Novemeber 28, 2006


I don’t know how many chances I’ll get to agree with the San Francisco mayor on well, practically anything. So when I do get a chance to do so on the topic the SF school board’s decision to ban JROTC from city schools, I will.

Courtesy of Kris, in New England:

Dear Ms. (Kris, in New England),

Thank you for writing me regarding your concerns about the Board of Supervisor’s resolution to abolish the ROTC Program in the San Francisco Unified School District.  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my opinion on this important issue.  I too share your concerns and oppose the resolution for the following reasons.

It does a disservice to families in San Francisco to eliminate a program that benefits students in very practical ways because of an ideological disagreement with the current leadership in Washington D.C.  Eliminating a program that is popular among many parents and students only further alienates families from the public school system.  The San Francisco Unified School District does not provide students with sufficient enrichment programs, and it makes little sense to eliminate an entire program that receives significant funding from the federal government. Furthermore, San Francisco should not be identified with a lack of respect for the service of men and women in uniform, and this resolution would do just that.  Additionally, this resolution would further propagate the growing use of “San Francisco values” as a diminutive term.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns with me.


Gavin Newsom

Which, you can’t say fairer than that Mr. Mayor.

But for the record, I still think that this decision was made by “the kind of preening, morally supercillious, smugly self-satisfied pinch-faced shrews who are convinced that nothing should be permissible unless it is compulsory.”

Just in case anyone wasn’t clear on that.


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