My 10 Favorite Lex Posts

A few weeks ago, someone in the F/B group suggested for the new members who hadn’t read any of Lex to post 1 per day.

So I started simply going down the list of “The Best of” index. Even within that list I have some favorites out of the favorites. So here is my list, and I’ll try to keep the reasons “succinct but vague” so as not to spoil a new reader.

The Time Has Come, the Walrus said  The picture he made of that guest and the boat on the beautiful Florida Keys was priceless.

Coaching Soccer    Shows the mysteries – and surprises – of life.

The Goat Locker     Lex placed a huge value on all ranks and ages of sailors, from the 19 year old on the flight deck responsible for his safety to the Chief Petty Officers.

On Raising Children   He talked about the fact that there is no “how to” manual and your best efforts, given with all of your love –  can either help them or hurt them.

Things you’ve never seen…   The beauty he has witnessed while underway around the world in the Navy.

The road not taken – completed    Going back home to Virginia years later and remembering that first love…

Sport  Because in comedy, timing is everything.

Kids  Humor, Humility and Accomplishment all in one short post.

BBSOB Lex talked a lot about the qualities of a good leader, and here is a leader he admired.

An Honest Question    Where does morality – and the knowledge of Good – come from?

On Piddle Packs   4 cups of coffee, going on a long mission and the bladder-over-pressure light is on…

Night In The Barrel Part 1   Lex gave me an appreciation of Naval aviation. I knew next to nothing about it before finding his posts. The one thing I was exposed to before Lex was seeing the PBS series Carrier. And there was one episode where the sea was very rough, and the Captain decided that that day would be a good day to conduct some exercises.

Twelve planes are sent off, and when it comes time to trap, 15 have boltered with not even half recovered. Before they left, the squadron CO decided that he would take the place of the nugget, because he knew how challenging this could be.

In this excerpt of Carrier, look at the horizon from the ship’s deck. It wasn’t until nightfall that all finally recovered.

Lex wrote about the psychological aspects it does to a crew when your options are getting on deck or swimming or….dying. And you bolter – again and again.

Part 2, where he goes from the general to the specific, is linked at the bottom.

OK, I noticed I have a dozen here. Could have been far more.

What are some of your favorites?


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5 responses to “My 10 Favorite Lex Posts

  1. richard sherburne

    I dnr the title of the post but 2 dog posts would have to be added to the above terrific list. First is the post about walking the dachshund and comments from a neighbor. Second, which I really did LOL on was the story of hunting with his pointer in CA somewhere with son, the dog eating or drinking something bad and the results in the car on the way home. Priceless to anyone who has had a dog with a conscience.

  2. I have been reading Lex for so long that I forgot when I started.
    I’m a dad now….. I guess I have a lot of post to read again to get the info I couldn’t process before.

    Some of my favs you already listed.

    One I like and I can’t find is the one when he was offered some tickets by someone in his staff and he though he was being asked out jeje.

    The one with the Swedish napking is also worth mentioning

    • Thanks for your comment, Juanma!
      Unfortunately, when Lex’s website went down, we lost some of his posts. But thanks to someone who had saved many (70%) of his posts for later reading, and going through the Wayback Machine, we recovered a substantial number of them.,

      Unfortunately the Wayback Machine is a hit-or-miss operation. Sometimes it would go to Lex’s site 4x-5x a day, then a couple of months it stayed away.

      So some of his posts are missing, but we recovered a substantial number of them.

      I don’t remember the Swedish napkin but the other is in there (title I have forgotten)

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