Be careful what you wish for

Posted by lex, on February 7, 2008

In Kanduhar, Hamid Karzai’s younger brother knows just what he needs to help combat the Taliban and restore security to his troubled southern Pashtun provinces – US Marines.

He’s fulsome in his praise of American fighters:

Amid the recent deluge of discouraging reports citing declining security in swaths of southern Afghanistan, Karzai’s is a rare voice of optimism, claiming that U.S. special forces already have begun to turn the tide in Kandahar with targeted strikes against individual commanders of the fundamentalist group, which was ousted from power six years ago.

“These operations are extremely quiet. They cause no civilian casualties and no damage to the villages,” said Karzai, whose power derives in part from being the younger brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

“The Americans are very professional,” he said. “They go in; they get out. It’s just like you see in the movies.”

Well, Marines are many things but – with the exception of the relatively small number of Force Recon types – they are very rarely “quiet.”

But quiet or otherwise, Karzai will be getting his Marines: The 24th MEU from Camp Lejeune, NC will deploy 2,200 Marines this spring to work under NATO command in southern Afghanistan , while another thousand or so from 2/7 in Twenty-nine Palms will remain under US TACON while training Afghan security forces.

Everybody gets what they wish for.

“When the gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers.” — Oscar Wilde

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