Neptunus Lex: Essays On Leadership

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. You’ll probably find even more just going through the Best of index! 

Bill Brandt

01-08-2004    For Everything There Is A Time

07-07-2004    The Goat Locker

05-08-2004      Hobson’s Choice

07-24-2004   Zero Tolerance

08-26-2004   All Kinds of leadership

02-10-2005     My First Chief

03-30-2005     Leadership

04-23-2005    A Retirement Speech

04-30-2005    First Ship, First Cruise

04-26-2006     Hardship

11-28-2006     Zipper Failure

03-20-2007    Leadership

06-27-2007    “When I was a plebe”

10-16-2007     Got A letter In The Mail

05-05-2008     So, what do you really think about me?

11-03-2008     BBSOB

01-24-2009    Old Ghosts

04-14-2009    On Scene Commander

05-10-2009     Small Talk

10-10-2009      Acid Test

01-23-2010     Task Saturation

06-20-2010    Second Look 

02-19-2011      Class Act

06-4-2011       Speechifying  (both for leadership and humor – what not to do!)


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