I believe that I learned more about leadership- – good and bad – during my short time in the Army. There was one Army captain that we’d have followed off a cliff if ordered to do so; knowing he’d be right there with us. He wasn’t a “pal” but we respected him to the hilt. He was an ex-Marine (I know, I know), and a Green Beret in Vietnam who had been a sergeant, if any of that matters.

There was also one staff sgt most of us would have been glad to push off a cliff.

The good and the bad – I saw it all. Most of those above me were good people. Like anything there were both ends of the bell curve.

Lex had some pretty good essays on leadership. He had high respect for his NCOs.

I think, like that Army captain I knew so long ago, Lex was on that end of the bell curve. I think among the Lexicans to a man or woman we would have been proud having him as our CO.

In the work place, sooner of later you see both ends of the spectrum.

Years after the Army, I dreaded even asking a question to my own worst boss. Going into his office was like entering the ogre’s cave.

More often than not, he’d yell at you for being so stupid in asking that question. Vendors used to talk about him behind his back. A week into that job, I’m wondering “What the hell am I doing here?”

I had planned then to gut it out for a year – anything less on the resume would have  looked bad – but at 11 months he fired me.

Which was a blessing, and led to this.

Anyway one of the Lexicans in the Facebook group posted this page from an Army Command Sgt Major LT on what makes a good leader.

I think it has some good points.

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