Tabhair dom póg, is mise píolóta

Posted by lex, on August 19, 2008

Today, constant reader, is National Aviation Day.You are encouraged, among other things, to invite the people of the United States to observe National Aviation Day with appropriate exercises to further stimulate interest in aviation in the United States. You might buy a pilot lunch, or tell him, oh, yes, very, when he asks you whether you’d like to go flying in that keen little plane he’s been ogling. If only for the appreciation that’s in it.

Might I recommend some aviation themed cocktails for that special someone?

Aviation – gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice

Kamakazi – vodka, triple sec, lime juice

Tailspin – gin, Sweet Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, Campari, (sounds horrible, no wonder it’s called a tailspin)

Jolly Pilot – gin, brandy, Cointreau, Sherry, Angostura bitters

Sky Pilot – gin, crème de noyeau, orange juice, Sherry

Sky Pilot – applejack, rum, grenadine, lime juice

Flying Fortress – Cognac, vodka, anisette, Cointreau

Flying Tiger – white rum, gin, grenadine, sugar, aromatic bitters

Parachute Cooler – coffee, kirsch, brandy, egg white

Word around the flight line is that the Kamakazi is a particularly dangerous concoction. Dinna ask me how I know.

What you probably ought not do on national aviation day is get yourself all hung up in power lines shortly after take-off and claim that you are now a Tailhooker. I don’t think.

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