Bumper stickers

By lex, on April 24th, 2007

I’m not the kind of guy who wears his politics on his car bumper, not even during election season. That makes me relatively unique down here in Sandy Eggo, because a lot of folks seem to think that it’s very important that their inanimate objects should manifest just as much bottled rage, passive/aggressiveness and shrieking impotence as they themselves feel.

But there’s a market for everything, right? And since the coffee mugs didn’t sell all that well I thought maybe I might go into the bumper sticker line. All the other idiots are doing it.

How about this one:


I kind of like this one too, but maybe it’s too in your face, like?


But you know, if I was making one to go on my own car, it’d probably look something like this:


Whaddaya think?

Future in it?

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2 responses to “Bumper stickers

  1. Core

    Font is too hard to read, use a standard Arabic type like Times New Roman or Arial. Your statements don’t touch bade with me. I understand them and find them humorous but I think you should use impactful statements using facts. You have to think of the message you want to express and gather facts and compile them into a brief statement. It can be political, religious, common sensical, whatever you want to express. I’ve always been fascinated by bumper stickers but I’m very seldom impressed. I like the Gone Squatchin ones by BFRO.. They always make me laugh. I want to make one that says: “Sponser a rich politician” because it highlights the irony of bipartisan politics and the dysfunction it has landed our nation in.

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