Errors Were Made

By lex, on July 6th, 2011

In the era of the Soviets, reforms were quietly enacted by bureaucrats with the concession that “errors had been made” by their predecessors. It was a nifty way for current party apparatchiks to distance themselves from policies that had resulted in the death of millions, while attempting to reassure citizens that things were now in good hands.

Of course, the new gang would end up being pretty much the old gang, and errors would continue to be be made by the nomenklatura.

Things are so different, over here:

The head of the US firearms agency has told Congress that mistakes were made during a sting operation meant to track the illegal movement of guns to Mexico.

Kenneth Melson told lawmakers during talks that the FBI kept his agency “in the dark” about details of Operation Fast and Furious, US media reported.

The embattled firearms head has faced pressure to resign.

Hundreds of US guns were allegedly bought, resold and sent to Mexican drug cartels as a part of the sting.

Operation Fast and Furious was designed to track weaponry as it moved from small-time gun buyers to major traffickers, who have often avoided prosecution.

The operation, carried out in the US state of Arizona, was meant to lead authorities to Mexican cartel leaders and help halt the flow of weapons across the border.

To recap in brief, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms – which many wags have said ought more to be a privately owned convenience chain than a federal office – allowed the sale of AK-47s through known gun runners to Mexico in order to round up the “big fish” south of the border, irrespective of how many “little fish” had to pay with their lives.

It was of considered all well and good so long as Mexican marginals were gunned down, but things got serious when US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by a weapon sold to southron drug cartels by agents of the US government.

It’s hard, in modern times, to imagine a policy more deliberately amoral.

It helps not at all that while the US government was sponsoring illegal transhipment of weaponry across our southern border, that senior US officials – including SecState Hillary Clinton – were using the reality of such activity as an ostensible reason to burden the legal purchases of firearms to law abiding US citizens.

Hanlon’s Razor applies: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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