Frans, and the damage done

Posted by Lex, on April 24, 2006


You’ve been hearing all the old farts complaining about the Hilton Corp’s decision to kick Fran O’Brien’s to the curb. Now listen to FbL tell it from the perspective of one of the young men who had a steak there, while recovering from wounds sustained in the line of duty:

“Hal and Marty are the two greatest men I’ve ever known,” he began. He then explained about the dinners, for those who might not know. “Not only have they given us food and a place to kick back, but they care about us, they ask us how we’re doing, they listen to us talk. And most importantly… most importantly, they give us the strength to recover, the motivation to keep going. This place is a part of our therapy.” He never stopped pacing the interior of the square bar as if addressing his troops, taking time to make eye contact with the crowd and waving his beer for effect. He admonished us to continue to support Hal and Marty. People cheered.

There’s a great deal more. Read it all.


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