War and War’s Alarms

Posted by lex, on October 18, 2010


The House of Saud has joined the chorus of voices warning Evropa that something wicked that way goes:

Saudi Arabia has warned France it is the target of an imminent al-Qaeda attack, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has said.

He said Saudi intelligence agencies spoke of a threat to Europe, and “France in particular”, from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

France is already on high alert following warnings of possible attacks aimed at France, Germany and the UK.

The Eiffel Tower was evacuated twice in September over security alerts.

“I can tell you – and it’s not information that’s been made public yet – that even a few hours, a few days ago, [we received] a new message, from the Saudi [intelligence] services, indicating to us that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was certainly active, or expecting to be active,” Mr Hortefeux said in a joint radio and television interview.

He said the threat concerned “the European continent and France in particular”.

Mr Hortefeux gave little detail about the information the Saudis had provided, but said the threat was real.

Back in the Bad Old Days, before Hope and Change had come to America, the perpetually aggrieved set would fall all over themselves “questioning the timing” of this sort of thing so close to a national election here in the US.

You don’t hear that sort of thing so much any more. Perhaps because the current crop of patriotic dissenters is rather too mature to make much hay from potential tragedy. Perhaps because the current crop of office holders doubt that fanning national security concerns would prove beneficial to their cause.

Or maybe it’s just because you’re not thinking clearly.


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