Who Has the Vid?

By lex, on May 23rd, 2011

NAVFLTDEMRON is taking a little breather this airshow season (from a Navy PR release):

The Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, The Blue  Angels, have cancelled the practice demonstration and air show scheduled for May  24 and 25 at the United States Naval Academy (USNA).  This cancellation is due to a safety stand down period imposed by the team’s commanding officer after a lower-than-normal maneuver that took place during the team’s last performance at Lynchburg Regional Air Show, May 22 in Lynchburg, Va.

Following this low maneuver all aircraft landed safely without damage or injury to personnel.

During the training stand-down the team will remain in Pensacola for additional training and air show demonstration practice. It has yet to be determined if  the Blue Angels will perform the flyover at the USNA graduation May 27, 2011.

AP reports * say that it was the diamond formation, invariably led by the CO hisself, that went too low. Which it takes a good and honest man to call a time-out on yourself, if that’s in fact what happened.

Couldn’t find the vid on YouTube, but you just know it’s out there, somewhere.

Update: More at Navy Times * –

Lt. Katie Kelly, spokeswoman for the squadron, said that during the Lynchburg Regional Air Show, the squadron’s F/A-18 Hornets were completing a maneuver in a four-plane diamond formation but were flying at an unacceptably low altitude.

She said the unit called a “knock-it-off,” a break in the scheduled routine that gives aviators a chance to fly to a safe location, regroup, talk and plan their next step. In this case, they decided to stop the demonstration and land. After a debriefing they decided to head to Pensacola, Fla., for training and practice.

* 10-26-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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