The angry left

By Lex

Posted on April 15, 2006


Has a face.



Yep. That pretty much makes sense.

< –>

Update: You read the article of course. So now you know that it’s all summat to do with a father she never met, cigarettes, faux booze, Newt Gingrich and blog post comment-gazing: 10. 20. Two hundred. Ooh!

Oh, yes: And Darfur.

We all blog for different reasons, I suppose, and for your essential primal scream relaxation technique, a blog probably has lower life cycle costs than psychotherapy. And I suppose that if you’re condemned to greet the morning every day not with light heart and glad hope but rather with simmering rage and glowing anger, having realized that your favored 2004 presidential candidate still isn’t in office, it’s probably useful to know that there are others – many others – who feel just like you do.

To re-discover the what the warm love of the angry left feels like in those comment holes, take a gander at this HuffPo post by Joe Klein, wherein the Time magazine writer attempts to clarify the difference between right-thinking liberals on the one hand, and hate-America leftists on the other. It’s a distinction that the left-leaning Klein should have been qualified to make, if I’m any judge. But apparently I’m not: It’ll quickly become clear to you in his coments that liberals or leftists or what-have-you’s DO NOT HATE AMERICA!

The just HATE YOU, Joe Klein! You BASTARD!



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