Turns out they do serve Guinness

By lex, on May 5th, 2007

At the MilBlog Conference. Or, if not there, then at The Carpool – a bar that’s just down the street a ways from the hotel, and unto which we severally went when the hotel closed us down at 2330.

Walk into the hotel and it’s the noise that gives it away – upstairs and to the left, it’s not like you need to ask for directions.

Got there about 45 minutes late and the reception was already in full swing. Met too many folks to mention by name on the fear of leaving someone out. Talked about matters great and small, it was great good fun. Still have no clue what I myself will talk about on the panel this afternoon.

Sometimes blogging is like that.

Update: Well, I finally showed up an hour and a half – taking a little heat from Those Who Came Before, by the way – only to find that the President hisself opened the ceremonies, by video, like.

And I missed it.

Update 2: Quote of the Morning (thus far) after a predictably thorough discussion of the fact-checking function of MilBlogs against the MSM – Anna Marie Cox, formerly of Wonkette, now a Time correspondent, steps up to the mike and says, “I’m from the mainstream media, and I’m here to help.”

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