Posted by Lex, on April 17, 2008


The chicken sidled up to the pig with a business proposition. The bird said, “Let’s cut out all the middle men and open up our own restaurant. We can serve breakfast ourselves, and not have to work for the farmer, the distributor or the proprietor.”

“It’s different for you,” said the pig, “All that’s required of you for a ham and egg sandwich is a contribution. The same meal requires a 100% commitment from me.”

Which fable came to mind when I read this article about al Qaeda’s plan to keep the pot stirred in Iraq. It’s all of a piece throughout, low cunning, murder and intimidation on a small scale, dreamy visions of mass murder through poisoned water supplies – which is a lot harder than it sounds. No better strategy really than killing practically for its own sake.

But what really caught my eye was the graphic of recent Qaeda leaders killed or captured in country. Ten killers, nine prisoners. One mort.

That whole “die in a glorious cause for jihad” thing?

Not so much.


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