Stop the clock

Posted by Lex, on August 26, 2006


Game over.

The competition for world’s most cretinously immoral blogger is officially at an end. Over on the HuffPo (why am I not surprised), one Russell Shaw takes on – purely as a mental exercise, you see – the weighty task of wondering whether or not another terrorist attack on the US homeland would or would not be of net benefit to American society. That benefit, payable in “n” number of American lives lost, would redound to Mr. Shaw’s preferred political party, and thence to the rests of us, the lumpen red state masses otherwise too ignorantly self-absorbed in NASCAR to make the same kinds of choices Mr. Shaw and his friends would like for us.

One presumes that “n” is actually “n minus anyone Mr. Shaw himself cares about.” After all, there are so many other people in the country that one doesn’t know.

Among the many benefits that such a terrorist-initiated – hey, politics does make strange bedfellow – regime change would engender, are: Another Roe v Wade-friendly Supreme Court justice or two, increased gun control, universal health care, cleaner air standards, mass transit and an augmented minimum wage. And for this classically scattershot liberal wish list to come to fruition this time – we didn’t quite get ’round to it during the Clinton years – all that would be necessary is that a few thousand perhaps, hopefully no more than that, 100,000 at the highest, American citizens would have to die horribly. As a down payment, like. Past performance does not ensure future returns, though, so: Caveat moritur.

Going to make an omlette? Gotta break a few eggs. The ends justify the means, and all that.

I don’t see anywhere within there a recommendation on how we’d stop the next terrorist attack after that one though. Presumably if Bush wasn’t president they wouldn’t hate us anymore.

So, not just cretinous and immoral, but blind as well – can’t see past his own prejudices to see into his self-interest. If people like Mr. Shaw can’t see why such a post is offensive not just to those of us on the opposite side of the politcal spectrum from him, but also one expects from broad swathes within his own party, then he’ll continually wonder why the rest of us will just never see it his way.

What a prick.

(H/T to Dusty over at Big John’s for the link. Here’s more on the same subject.)

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