It makes sense when he says it

Posted by lex  on July 5th, 2007

Goldstein on Will on SCOTUS on Seattle and race-based solutions to racism:

(W)hat I will do is pause to point out that, in a refreshing bit of candor that 5 members of SCOTUS dutifully ignored, the kernel assumptions that animate the social engineering initiatives of those who promote the “diversity” project are made perfectly clear: individualism should be subordinate to collectivism; temporality is a construct whose political effect is to sustain the status quo; “English” cannot be standardized without engaging in a cultural and institutional racism; and concepts like the “melting pot” or “colorblindness” actually encourage and further racism inasmuch as they appeal to ideas of individualism, temporality, and community standards defined by the entirety of the culture (by way of cultural give and take) rather than by the subgroups within the culture (as a way of problematizing the very idea of normative behavior, while also providing the basis for a resistance to “outside” critiques) — which, the argument goes, are anathema to creating a “diverse” population.

These are the very bedrock tenets of multiculturalist social theory — and their effect is to work against the concepts of individualism and individual liberty around which liberalism was founded. Making it all the more ironic that multiculturalism’s proponents presume to call themselves “liberal” and/or “progressive.

Yeah. What he said.

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