Which ones aren’t like the other ones?

Posted by lex, on June 5th, 2007

Strange goings-on during a flight from Minnesota to Boston:

When the pilot made the announcement the plane was approaching Logan Airport, (Retired Boston police officer Bob) Hayden said the man who caused the first commotion and a second person began yelling and fell into the aisle. That is when Hayden said he, with the help of a retired U.S. Marine captain, took action…

The incident apparently scared some of the plane passengers and even made some people cry, Hayden said…

Hayden said he grabbed the first guy and sat him down. He then pushed the second man onto the floor and cuffed him with a pair of handcuffs a flight attendant had given him. Hayden said he sat next to the two men until police were able to board the plane. 

Cry about it or act. It’s all about choices.

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