Tech Bleg

By lex, on February 14th, 2012

You’re a pretty savvy and diverse crew. I’ve got a question that might be answered by some of those on board – and maybe bring some of the lurkers out of the shadows.

I’ve got a question bank consisting of, let’s say, 200 questions. The are sorted into one of several bins; powerplant, landing gear and brakes, airframe, electrical system, hydraulics, etc.

Is there a tool out there which would allow me to randomly pick from within the separate bins three to five questions and generate a monthly test that covers all of the various systems? Can such a tool over-emphasize a bin that’s relatively more important? Can it also perform a regressive look at previous tests to ensure that the god of random question selection aren’t caught napping?

I’m not that familiar with the MS Access database tool, but that was my initial path of inquiry.

Anybody can give a brother a steer?

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