Light Weekend

By lex, on June 11th, 2011

Was unable to access the blog this AM during the customary hours of, well: Blogging. Spent half the morning trying to figure it out, and half the rest exchanging barbs with my hosting service. Then I had to fly. Had to. Five times, in the event. Which, even for a skydog like your host, is laying it on a bit thick. The first four were nobbut 30 minute learn-to-flies, and the last a dogfight. My man was six feet six and I had misgivings, but he managed to fold himself into the cramped back seat of the Mighty Varga, even if he had to go barefoot to do so.

For real.

And! Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of the Hobbit making an honest man out of me, and I don’t know that she’s forgiven herself for it yet. I’ll spend the day trying comfort her, she’ll be that distraught, and wouldn’t anyone?

Which anyway, I hear the first 29 years are the hardest and after that it’s all downhill.

I think this just might work.

Feel at liberty to chat amongst yourselves or pursue your pleasures elsewhere.

It’s still a free country.

Update: Now with pitchers!

Light Weekend

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