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Posted by lex, on April 3, 2008


The Castle’s CW4 BillT is doing the flight school thing himself, although admittedly on somewhat less congenial turf than Palomar. Interesting conversation with his student:

The (Wahabi) sniper looks up over the balcony and all the (Iraqi) policemen shoot. They stop shooting when the sniper hides, then all shoot when he looks up over the balcony, then they stop when he hides again…

“Suddenly, there are some American soldiers running around the corner toward the mosque. They run to the door with a shotgun, they shoot the hinges and kick the door in, then they run inside, then some of the policemen stop shooting and run inside with them. The other policemen stop shooting at where the sniper hides in the minaret, but they keep aiming up there…

“When the soldiers and the police go into the mosque, there is a fight. When it is over, they search the mosque and find IEDs, mortars, RPGs. The Wahabis are two Afghans, one Syrian, three Saudis. No Iraqis.

“So, why do the CNN reporters say this is *Iraqi* insurgency?”

Probably for the same reason many pundits are casting Maliki’s Basra campaign as some sort of latter day Tet.


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