Here’s Another Story

By lex

October 20, 2005


That you probably won’t read in the press, or see in your local TV news programming. It’s not that it hasn’t got the requisite degree of violence, because it certainly does. Nor is it that there is no human interest found within, because on the contrary, it overflows with humanity. But it doesn’t have any politicians blundering in the public eye. No soldiers act poorly. Nothing in it puts us on the brink of perilous disaster. Our country is not disgraced, or made to feel as though it ought to be ashamed.

In other words, it doesn’t fit the plot.

But you should read it anyway.

I’ll get you started:

Last night a grain of hot metal tumbled through the air, a swift manmade meteor crashing through the heavens. The statistical chances of this solitary round impacting one the scattered buildings was negligible, and the chances of it actually injuring someone were almost infinitesimal. But in stark defiance to all known laws of probability, this small sliver of dead steel plummeted downward, downward, downward… until its path intersected a house. And then it continued on, tunneling its way into a little girl sitting down for the celebration of Ishtar.

You go finish up. H/T (once again) to Mrs. Greyhawk.


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