“Crueller than Cruel”

Posted by Lex, on January 18, 2011

That’s the assessment of one low-level Taliblow-level Talib * , arrested after a rocket attack on coalition troops and held for four months before being released:

Constructed just outside the walls of the base, the new facility boasts literacy classes in English and in the detainees’ native language, a greenhouse where inmates grow spinach and cabbage and learn beekeeping and irrigation farming techniques; and a traditional clay oven in the prison yard where they can learn to bake bread. The facility even has a program in which about 20 inmates discuss geopolitics and Afghan history with a professor…

But for those that the US considers relatively low-level fighters, like Mohammed, US detention can be short. US soldiers gave Mohammed a psychiatric assessment and a health exam, and scanned his iris so that he could be biometrically identified. They issued him a uniform emblazoned with his detention number — 4449 — printed in huge numerals across the front, a mat and a blanket, and locked him in a large yellow metal cage, where about two dozen inmates slept on the floor.

Mohammed received three meals a day, prepared by US soldiers using Afghan recipes they found on the Internet. If Mohammed felt ill, he was brought to an outpatient clinic staffed by eight doctors, an optometrist, an orthopedic therapist, and a dentist.

I weep for him.


** 05-03-18 Link replaced – Ed. 


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