Return Leg

By lex, on June 12th, 2010

Good weather along the route and cruising at 160KTAS 50° lean of peak. Sporty winds at Red Bluff, 20 degrees offset at 15 gusting to 25. No  hill for climbers. Lovely ladies at the FBO cafe stayed open for us a good  half hour after closing time because they’re country and that’s how country does.

Playing with the big boys in Portland on arrival and ended up getting moved around like pawns on a chess board. Met the eldest daughter after a mad half hour trying to navigate the city with a dying iPhone (may be time to upgrade to the iPhone 4g – I’m just sayin’.) Was offered the opportunity to come up and help her move out trash. Politely declined, with Tailspin Tom and your host munching on appetizers over a cuppla Tsingdao’s while the lady made her dormitory room presentable slightly less disastrous. Served the lady at her leisure, walked a beautiful evening around the campus and left her to her work, we to ours. Which in the event was a pair of evenly matched pints of Guinness (for strength!) at Kells, a lovely little Irish pub and aren’t they all?

Our return path, if no new thing arises:

Departing PDX at 1200 Local (1900z)
Destination: KMRY
ETE: 03:27

Departing MRY at 1600L (2300Z)
Route: CASRA V25 VTU V299 LAX V25 MZB
Destination: KMYF
ETE: 02:01

Weather reported to be fine along the way with good tailwinds.

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