Sticky – Vote!

It’s like, your civic duty. Or something. Click the pic and then do the right thing. The sidebar pic is linked too, because I’m all about options and customer service, etc.

It isn’t like I’m going to win, or anything. I’m punching above my weight in that crowd: Blackfive. Smash. Greyhawk.


It’s OK though, because as a southerner, I’m also all about The Cause and losing hard. Just don’t want to, you know: Get hurt. Inside.

By you.

You can vote every day for the next eight to ten, which is kind of cool, seeing as how most of you are repeat offenders visitors. Which is nice. They even let Canadians vote!

*whistles tunelessly, eyes on the ceiling, hands clasped behind his back*

Let’s go down swinging. Hit it.

Update: Moved this up to the top because, you know: Because. New content will follow, so keep scrolling, brother.

You know, we’re not so very far behind. Surprisingly.

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One response to “Sticky – Vote!

  1. I might add it to anybody listening that unlike most of the other blogs Lex did this all by himself. No contributory writers.

    In addition to having a full-time job, and going to night school for a Masters degree he had time to do this wonderful writing.

    He definitely had time management skills that I do not have

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