Airplane Mechanic Funny

As one of the lone wrench turners here on this blog, I don’t have flying stories and the like.

But I do get jewels like this one from various sources. This was on the Facebook profile of Rebecca Hagemann, LCDR, USN, Retired.

We served when she was an AMS2 in my Airframes Shop at VA-128 at NAS Whidbey Island WA. I was on my last shore tour and she was on her very first hitch.  Suffice to say it was somewhat over 20 years ago.

And I still fix airplanes. Although they are of those of our land locked brethren in the Air Force. It’s a living, ya know!


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14 responses to “Airplane Mechanic Funny

  1. oldafsarge

    Yo Orpo, I was a wrench turner “back in the day”. Weapon Control Systems on the F-4C/D Phantom. I get all my flying stories from my kids. Love your stuff, especially love the mug.

    I’m suffering from coffee mug envy.

    • I have to find one of these yet. I am going to check Zazzle and Cafe Press to see where.
      Thanks for the compliment, I try hard.

    • Grumpy

      Sarge, y’all sound like you came from a time, when the plane’s computer was between the “wrench turner’s” ears. In fact, your ears were the sensors.

    • oldafsarge

      Grumpy – The F-4C/D actually had a computer in the nose. But yeah, we actually had to troubleshoot the systems with voltmeters and o-scopes. None of that fancy troubleshooting equipment the kid’s have now. I hear-tell the new jets have computers that will tell the maintainers what’s wrong with the systems. Back in the day. we had to figure it the old-fashioned way.

    • Grumpy

      Sarge, I can just imagine the computer readout on one these new jets, “What does this mechanic mean, ‘Say Ahhhh?’ Hey, why are you putting on gloves? Hey, stay out of my tailpipes!'” I forgot, not old enough.

    • afmech

      I now work on one of those fancy planes with the computer readout, though I did work on “real” aircraft you had to troubleshoot (and I really really miss it). Seems like a great idea in theory, but in practice the computer is rarely right, for my systems at least (comm/nav/msn sys). Seems more often than not the part that needs fixed is the computer itself throwing false readings…

  2. Pogue

    Oh, yeah… I need one of those mugs, too!

  3. Don’t feel like the lone ranger ORPO1, Tonto is right behind……..As a retired wrench of 30+ years (although a corporate DOM, not military) I like the mug, But, just to stir the pot, I still subscribe to the phrase “you can always tell a pilot……..but you can’t tell him much”. My favorite however is “if you ain’t a pilot, you ain’t sh&t.” Which, according to my high school english teacher means “if you ARE a pilot, you ARE……”
    All in fun people, all in fun! (God, I’m going to be in trouble here…..)

  4. Bigol

    As another, recovering, jet mecanic… Makanic… Er fixer, more of a tron chaser really, we used to always remind the pilots that these here flying contraptions were designed by PhDs, built by engineers, flown by BSs, and maintained by high-school drop outs. So don’t go getting all big headed on us!

    Of course a joke, as most of the troubleshooters I worked with were very smart!

  5. Bruce Jones

    Even though I’m a pilot, I enjoy the maintenance reports you guys post from time to time. One of my favorites:

    Malfunction [written by pilot]: Autopilot inoperative.
    Repair Action [written by mechanic]: Autopilot not installed in aircraft.

    • oldafsarge

      Bruce – my all time favorite was when we went out to a jet with a radar “problem”. WSO’s write-up was “Radar doesn’t work in the O.F.F. mode”. Signed it off as “Radar not supposed to work when it’s off.” True story.

  6. NavyDavy

    ORPO1 check this out It’s Limey but maybe Hog Day can help out, if you need any.

  7. NavyDavy

    Belay that about being a Limey site. It’s in Netherlands. No disrespect intended Hog Day.

  8. The picture of your mug made me laugh…. “I’m a mekanic” hehehe

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